Up from the Abyss Italo Giovanni Savella

ISBN: 9780595807413

Published: July 7th 2005



Up from the Abyss  by  Italo Giovanni Savella

Up from the Abyss by Italo Giovanni Savella
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I assure you, though, there is nothing trite about coming down with Guillain-Barre syndrome. For the person hit by it, its war and revolution wrapped in one: A catastrophe, an upheaval, a devastating blow. But also an invaluable experience and a possibility for renewal. I wouldnt be what I am now, a man at peace with himself and the world, had I not come down with, and fought back from, this terrible ailment. But I dont want to sound excessive.

It isnt terminal cancer at young age, or trauma-induced coma and vegetative state- but, as Joseph Heller said, its no laughing matter, either. The blessing about Guillain-Barre syndrome-and I mean that with only a little bit of irony-is that it doesnt affect the gray matter upstairs. You know its bad, but you also know it can be defeated, and the struggle to overcome it lends a tremendous meaning of truthfulness to the old saying: That which does not kill you.

You know the rest. It can paralyze you completely, and, occasionally, do you in, but the road back or, as I imply in my title, the uphill struggle from the abyss is Herculean and character forming.

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